Warrior Journal

2023-06-04T1150H UTC+8: Wrong Distance Estimate

I got the baywalk road distance wrong since I got here in my mothers place.

The supposed 10km runs were actually 8km runs and the supposed 8km runs were actually 5km runs. I realized this mistake after getting the actual distance of my route from google maps.

So for the 10km runs I need to extend the distance from my place past the capitol until the end of the baywalk road that leads to Binmaley and then go back the same route will cover a 10km distance.

For the 8km runs, I need to run up to the current end of my recent runs one way and then come back but get way past my place and end up on Limahong center and then come back to my place.

2023-05-31T1817H UTC+8: 8km Run

Did an 8km run today.

2023-05-28T2036H UTC+8: Evening Martial Arts Practice

Did a martial arts practice this evening instead of the long distance running.

Practice Kalis Ilustrisimo on short on the right arm only then did the sayoc knife on the left hand and the navy seal knife on the right arm after which I practiced empty hands striking using the northern seven star first road praying mantis and finally the 3 battles form.

There are other stuffs that I was not able to do and I stopped just in time when the rain started to pour.

The practice area is a dark place outside my sister's home but still within the land area owned by my mother. There are lots of trees, shrubs, and plants around and I had to endure the mosquito bites while doing the martial arts practice in the dark.

2023-05-28T1907H UTC+8: 30°C & 71% Humidity

The sun has set and the current weather temperature in the locality is 30°C with 71% humidity.

I am thinking if I will do the evening run or do martial arts instead.

2023-05-28T1219H UTC+8: 8km Run Before the 2nd Jum'ah At The Fabled Princess Urduja's Province

I managed to do an 8km run under the heat of the sun at 33°C with 70% humidity which feels like 38°C. The run was at around past 0900H before the Jum'ah prayer at noon in the local mosque.

2023-05-24T2006H UTC+8: 8km Run

Did an 8km run today detouring from my place on the way to the baywalk because of the flooded part of the road from my place directly to baywalk I had to run on a detour route on a resort. I was hurrying a bit while doing the long-slow-distance (LSD) run because of the lighting I am seeing from afar. Fortunately I was able to finish the run without being struck by lightning.

2023-05-22T2209H UTC+8: Yesterday's Limahong Center & Capitol Beach Run 10km, Today's Coastal Swim & Run, and Cold Steel G.I. Tanto Gone

Yesterday I did a 10km Long-Slow-Distance LSD run. I had to detour from the main route because a part of the road leading to the baywalk beach was flooded which is around 10m in distance and my running shoes will be soaked in it. I detoured on a nearby resort route leading to the baywalk beach and then went straight to the capitol beach and went back up to Limahong Center and when went back to the resort and back to my mother's place. Had inner thigh cramps on the right side and the run was difficult due to heat and humidity.

Today I went to do a short swim along the coast line and continued the run up to the capitol beach and back to my place.

I lost my Cold Steel G.I. Tanto Knife. It was tied on my waistline but my mistake is to transfer it to the harness of my net backpack that was holding my outdoor Merill shoe, and a set of electrolyte drinks. and my swimming fins. the knife with the scabbard fell straight to the bottom but I can't find it because the bottom was sandy and a bit blurred. It was taken by the sea. Lesson learned. Fix all stuffs before going to the water because once you are there, anything that falls down can disappear for good.

2023-05-18T2137H UTC+8: 8km Baywalk Run

Was able to run the 8km on the baywalk back and forth. It was an evening long-slow-distance run.

2023-05-15T1211H UTC+8: Hot & Humid Weather 5km Run

Was aiming for a 10km run but due to the hot weather and high humidity, running felt so difficult and I had to resort to alternating runs and walks and was only able to finish roughly 5km.

Temperature is 32°C but felt 38°C due to 65% humidity. I felt dizzy at some point.

2023-05-14T1514H UTC+8: Warrior Weekend

Did a weekend warrior starting yesterday Saturday with a 10km run under the scorching heat of the sun. Not sure about the weather temperature and humidity yesterday but it's around a much hotter temperature than at the moment's 33°C and I took in a lot of Gatorade and cold water drinks. The last kilometer I already had right calve cramps and left inner thigh cramps.

Thinking if I'll go swim today or just do another run.