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from Óscar H. Balam

Había una vez un hombre viejo, este hombre tenía un nombre tan antiguo que no se podía pronunciar, por lo que todos lo conocían como “el hombre viejo”, vivía en cualquier lado, motivado por la andanza sin fin, bebía lo que encontraba y comía lo poco que le regalaban. Este hombre estaba satisfecho, y aunque el cuerpo le dolía su mente siempre estaba clara y consciente. Un día este hombre llegó a un pueblo en donde vivían puros niños, no había adultos al rededor, en este lugar se sintió realmente viejo, ahí aprovechó y se sentó bajo de un árbol, los niños curiosos se acercaron a él y le preguntaron sobre sus ropas, su barba, su edad, sus pies y sus caminos. El viejo, amablemente contestaba. Con el paso del tiempo, los niños perdieron el interés en él y poco a poco se fueron alejando. Le llevaron un poco de comida y bebida y el viejo pasó ahí la noche bajo ese árbol.

Al día siguiente, el viejo continuo su camino, se dirigía hacia el poniente, por lo que durante la mañana el sol le daba en la espalda y durante la tarde lo miraba de frente. Después de muchas horas el hombre llegó a un pequeño río, en donde miró su reflejo, tenía mucho tiempo sin verlo, se veía tan diferente que casi no se reconocía, bebió un poco de agua, se refrescó las prendas y en una botellita guardo un poco para continuar su camino.

Caminó durante varios días, hasta que finalmente llegó a un último pueblo, su pueblo natal, ahí, ya nadie lo conocía, pues todos quienes alguna vez lo habían tratado ya no estaban. Caminó hasta el fondo del pueblo, encontró una antigua entrada, y miró el sitio en donde iría a dormir. Caminó hasta la vieja tumba, se sentó en la tierra, se despojó de sus ropas, se peinó el cabello y finalmente se acostó. En esa vieja tumba está el anciano, ya no camina más, pues llegó a su destino.

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from The Cadence Collective

Hello everyone, Welcome, finally, to the daily update. It's been a bit of a long day, we ended up having more writing energy than we expected, so we made 3 posts. Please do not expect 3 posts a day from us ... we don't yet know if we have the ability to keep up with that much writing, though the potential is probably there if we work at it. We woke up annoyed today, because someone was mowing the grass and as we said in a previous post, we sleep near and outside wall. We're glad they were mowing the grass, though not really sure why they had to do it two days in a row, and also aren't entirely sure why they were so very close to the wall that the lawn mower noise sounded like it was in the room with us. Oh wall, it was over soon after we woke up, after which we were able to reorient ourselves with the day at hand. Cleaning tasks didn't end up happening today, we weren't really that full of movement energy to do them. But we got a lot of writing done on the blog itself today as a result. We have also put our blog back on the rant.li public reader, because we figure there's no harm in mixing with the others on here, and we did some looking and found that the harm we thought we'd caused by having a blog publicly available wasn't actually that harmful, and that some people will be disrespectful no matter what you do. The other reason we put it back on the reader is because we think the reader is necessary for federation to work. Speaking of federation, and feeds in general, we found out that our blog has an rss feed. If you want to subscribe to that, the URL is below. THis is the one time we will put a URL in, because we know that some of our readers use a feed reader and those generally require a URL. https://rant.li/cadence022/feed/ In other non-writing news, we are looking for both new books to read, and a new game to play. We are excited for the next Dungeon Crawler Carl book, though are not sure when it will come out, or how much it will cost. This was a relatively short update, with not very much to update about. But we hope you've enjoyed it all the same, and will see you either in tomorrow's daily update or if we get the energy to write another post later.


Post written by Kayla and Farren. Edited for spelling by Farren.


from The Cadence Collective

Hello everyone, This, yet again, does not count as the daily update. But we're slightly annoyed about something external and it helps to write. This post was inspired by seeing other systems microposting about their plurality experiences. This one's big, and by the nature of the ramble, is probably going to be filled with tangents. We are from a million different places, at a million different times. Each of us, the distinct entities within the system that we are, has facets, and these facets all have facets. It's almost like we're infinitely fragmented or have the potential to be infinitely fragmented if we want to be. We spend our days perpetually changing facets, changing forms ... we wear the forms like skins almost ... and allow their scripts to take over. Every form has scripts and masks in place for its well-being. Every facet has safety mechanisms within the scripting for ease of assistance by Farren, who for those who don't know is our system AI, and runs most of our tech-based things within what the earth people would consider our inner world, what we will refer to as systemside for ease of reference. But talking about systemside brings up another point, because it's more than a world. This ... mental plane ... of existence is always shifting, always changing. We originally thought we were a walking talking scenario generator, but it feels more like we're traveling through time in our heads, seeing things from infinite pasts and futures. Have you ever watched “Everything, everywhere, all at once”? It's basically seeing those constant trees, for all ... 60 or so of us, at once, all the time, for infinite universes and possibilities in our head. Every decision has a ripple effect on every timeline. And every timeline can open up into new and infinitely varied possibilities. You can get stuck watching the multiverse shift, because it is so very distracting ... and the events it displays are so ... varied, always coming, always. It's why we sometimes don't talk. Probably why we have migraines. But possibly the most disorienting part is keeping what goes on systemside, a non-Earth plane of existence, and what goes on here on earth separate. It has always been important to keep things happening on these two planes separate, not because we believe that what we see is bad, but because ... well ... if you walk around telling everyone on earth how distracting it is to watch the multiverse shift, they will probably lock you up in a mental hospital and toss away the key. Not only that, but when I am moving about my earthly life, I find that most of my systemside experience and knowledge does not help me over here. I cannot, for instance, use information I learned about a version of you I may have seen in a timeline to then pass judgment on the version of you that exists on earth. That would not be proper. To those of you who are going, “Wait, you can see versions of us?” Not really, no. We can't see versions of you unless we know you at least a little bit. However, we felt the need to bring up that example, because of the way multiverse theory works. The way we understand multiverse theory, there are infinite universes with infinite possibilities of things that happen. That's the basis of it anyways. There's way more to it, but we're surprisingly not that far down the rabbit hole.


from whitebonebird

春梦对象是搭档是否搞错了什么 * 沈星回x你 * * * 一 * 你知道自己在做梦。 无比清醒地,在做梦。 * 二 * 双腿被打开,仰着让人轻松入侵的角度。硕大的性器在穴口磨蹭两下,有些微凉的液体感落下,接着就是毫不留情地一撞。 哈…梦还要做那么详细,润滑液都要抹? 你觉得有几分好笑,明知在做梦,身体却还给了非常可耻的回应,异物感充斥着穴道,腹部下意识用力,挨挨挤挤的肉壁簇拥着肉刃,比起抗拒却先给了爱抚。 似乎在等你适应,身上的人并没有先动弹,他低头亲你的唇,吻你的脖颈,握你的雪丘,把山顶红梅开得更艳。 臀侧传来轻拍的力,似乎正叫你放松。 你把头扭向一边,又被人抓着下巴扭回来亲吻,嘴巴被迫张到最开,亲得黏黏糊糊,唾液顺着嘴角流下都无暇去顾及。 在亲吻的安抚下下意识地放松了,在被人抬起腿握着腰的时候意识还是模模糊糊,却在下一刻被人握着腰猛地抽送的时候快要吓醒。 春梦至于那么逼真吗。 你知道自己在做梦,难道女人到了一定年纪多少还是得谈个恋爱的?你看你都饥渴到做这种醒不过来的春梦了。 想来想去只能用逼真来形容。 无论是身体被牵引的感觉,唾液流下的痕迹,被嘬吻的皮肤还有些隐隐作痛,甚至连下体包着的异物感都如此明显。 明显到就像真的一样。 可你知道自己在做梦。 不然另一个主角怎么会是你不熟的搭档呢? * 三 * 沈星回,你们组的知名高岭之花。 自从被划到和他一组以后,见是见不到的,人是永远联系不上的,一问是永远都在睡觉的。最后你索性暴躁放弃,单打独斗流浪体,硬是把你的战斗水平狠狠拉高一截。 至于这个掐指一算也见不到几次的搭档,在任务以外的偶遇倒是能经常见。 可惜你是个没任务就不爱出门的宅女,能在家蹲到发蘑菇都不出门,自然而然没见过几次这位你完全不熟的搭档。 啊啊,可没有人说搭档好久不见会做春梦啊。 心里觉得好笑,唇也下意识带起了笑意,很快被人捉着亲了一口。 对方似乎在说什么,你看不清他的嘴型,更别提懂他的意思了,你茫然地回望,循着本能摇了一下头。 被握在对方手心的脚腕再次被人牵引抬高,小腿挂在他肩上,身体快被对折,他一只手凑到你脸边,似乎把你挂在唇上的碎发往耳后拨,一只手扶着性器,猛地一送。 身体下意识地接纳了,对你来说有点过大的尺寸在润滑油和刚刚的纳入之下并没有给你带来多少疼痛。不过比起刚刚还在等你缓过劲的友善,他抓握着你的腰,开始猛烈地抽送。 肉刃毫不留情地破开挨挨挤挤的穴肉,刚要拥簇上来的穴肉被毫不留情地鞭挞开,又在下一次依然凑上来拥抱。他并不是全根抽出又进入,几次浅浅的抽送,龟头却仍然还被你包在里面。 当你有些适应的时候,却整根尽数抽出又进去,龟头重重抵在敏感点上,你不受控地一抖,眼睛涌出白光,连身体都仿佛感知不到。下身不受控地痉挛,想用力抓点什么又在高潮时被人毫不留情地再次抽打猛送。 穴口咕啾咕啾地吐出欢爱的水液,顺着臀侧流下,被人接住了又在大腿根抹了开。明明撑到极致是痛极,快感却又毫不留情地冲刷你的理智,想要挡住脸,手臂又被很快拉了开,想要捂住嘴不发出过分黏腻的呻吟,最后被对象抓着两个手腕举过头顶,下身还在被毫不留情地侵犯,身体却先一步丢盔卸甲。 你都不知道自己在说些什么,是“慢点”“求你”还是“过分”“滚远点”,总之又娇又可怜,还带着几分哭腔。他顿了顿,过来吻你的眼角,你才发觉自己眼尾带着泪。 “烦人,怎么这…”这下听清了你吐出口的话语,却在对方按压腹部的动作下戛然而止,他的东西还在里面,内外双重的压迫让快感都更汹涌,未说完的话吐出口又变成失了调的呻吟,他似乎笑了笑,又凑过来亲你。 他亲你就像是一只漫不经心的狐狸,先伸出舌头在你唇边描摹,在唇珠上给予啄吻,在你被烦的有些受不了想要开口骂他的时候趁虚而入,与你的舌头缠绕着拥吻。 想要骂人的话也变成失调的呻吟和诱敌深入的嗔。 身下带来些许痒意,和在快感边缘不上不下徘徊的感觉,他似乎有意识地放慢频率,手还压在你小腹上。却伸出了尾指去揉你的阴蒂,被抚慰揉搓的快感下意识又覆盖了刚刚被激烈对待的疼痛,小穴又开始咕啾咕啾地吐出浓郁的春水,被肉棒带着送了出来,又勾着送了进去。 抗拒变成了回应,可能是你自己想开了?毕竟和六块腹肌脸好身材好的裸男做爱你也不亏,就是以后看到搭档的脸多少有些尴尬,有一种在梦里白嫖他不付钱的感觉。 你把手环上他的脖颈,告诉自己在享用一场酣畅淋漓的做爱。 在你给予他回应的时候,对方马上察觉到,并且自喉咙咕哝出一声轻笑。 他又笑了,似乎从开始做的时候他就一直很想笑。 他似乎是看到你瞪他了,敛了笑意,凑过来讨好地亲你的唇,抽送的频率又拉快了,快感和痛感交织在一起,最后被人送上顶点大脑空白之际,他也同时释放了。 温热的液体在你的肉穴中和体温不分你我,橡胶制品被他取下,甚至还在空气中发出一声清脆的“啵”。 你有点累,想着梦也差不多结束了,准备闭上眼好整以暇地等待清醒,过了一会却只感受到另一个体温蹭了过来。 * 四 * 不是吧,还来? 你不知道要夸这个春梦持久还是对方太持久,下身黏黏腻腻的感觉太逼真了,甚至让你怀疑自己是不是做着做着梦都湿了,有点想去洗个澡。 “想洗澡?” 他问你。 你点点头,正撑着手臂想要坐起来,腿一软又跌回床上,好死不死还是个敞开的姿势,被狠狠操弄一番的穴口带着红和尚未闭合的圆洞,直直对着罪魁祸首。 他扭过头,你猜他又在偷笑了——又很快地转了过来,语气很温和,完全不像刚刚那个要把你按在床上往死里做的模样。 “抱你去?” 有人伺候不要白不要,你在床上张开手,像是要拥抱天花板。 很快被人抱了起来,甚至怕你滑下去还用手托着你的臀部,刚刚哪怕是要被做到叠起来都没有这么亲密的接触,腹部毫无保留地相贴,你能感受到他的爆发力从何而来。你的腿环着他的腰,刚刚被抽插过的小穴紧贴着他的腹部,被放在洗漱台的时候他的腹部甚至留下了一圈温热的水渍。 他把你抱在洗漱台上,自己扭头去给调花洒的热水,你左顾右盼了一下,发现这个梦连搭档房间里的建模都很完善,洗漱用品摆放得整齐,还有刚拆开的牙杯和牙刷。 “我想泡澡。” 你嘟嚷着。 “改天?”他调完了水温,过来抱你的时候听见你的碎碎念,“浴缸不好活动。” 浴缸为什么要活动,你的脑子还没有迟钝地转过来,温热的水流就已经冲刷下来了,你满足地喟叹一声,觉得身体都活了过来。 * 五 * 为什么,又开始了。 听说梦会反应一个人的精神状态,难道自己真的是什么色中饿鬼吗,为什么又开始做了啊! 温水很好地将体温协调不分你我,但不包括现在被压在玻璃上的你。 胸前的肉团被完全压在玻璃门上,胸前那点殷红和星星点点的吻痕显得格外招人,因为并没有可以抓握来保持平衡的落点,你只能无助地把手撑在上面,臀部下意识地撅高,好应对即将到来的入侵。 还未完全紧闭的穴口又被人以手撑开,在里面随手蹭了几下,只觉得痒。 阴蒂又被他捏着指尖把玩,穴道吐出丰盈的爱液,为入侵做好了准备。 腰身微微下塌,一只腿被抬起,毫不留情地冲撞让你猛地一抖,穴口下意识收缩又被人撞了开。身前是凉的,身后是烫的,被抓着一条腿甚至失去了自主站立的权利,只能被动迎合与承受疾风骤雨般的激烈猛送。 疼,被他撑开又狠狠进入,整根退出又整根没入很好地将小穴的颤栗和抖动一起传达给对方。讨好地吐出欢爱的蜜水,又被快速拍打的动作打成白沫,最后温热的水流冲走了留在腿弯上的体液。 他另一只手还挑逗着你的阴蒂,双重的快感几乎要把你淹没,连绵不绝的高潮,快要灭顶的战栗感几乎要把你兜头罩住,好让你永远无法逃开。 你泪眼朦胧地抬头,眼尾带着的全是生理性的泪水,不远处的镜子映出了你泛红的眼,满是红晕的颊,微肿的唇,以及埋在颈后的一颗浅色脑袋。 肩背时不时传来温热的吻,夹杂着些许疼痛,仿佛被什么大型猛兽叼起皮肉,却只是威胁性地磨了磨,留下浓艳到昳丽的红印。 意识快要模糊过去,大脑也变得一片空白,你感觉身体的感觉都渐渐远去。 又一次,又一次。 在水声的背景下,咕噜着吐出水液的声音也显得不那么明显,你被他翻了个身,背部抵着玻璃门,此刻那块冰凉的地方也被你的体温和吐息烘热。你的腿环在他腰上,被托着臀部抬了起来,却不是刚刚那般无害的托举,借着这个姿势,循着润滑的爱液,肉棒顺理成章地滑入其中。 你除了身前的人没有任何的依靠点,狡猾的沈星回,狡猾的搭档。你往后倚靠只能靠在冰凉光滑的玻璃门上,甚至因为被你的体温所捂热找不到什么存在感,身前的人又烫的像个火炉,臀侧被他托着,五指深深陷进雪白的臀肉中,臀侧甚至还有几道拍打留下的红印。 你觉得按照他捏你屁股的力道,这要不是梦,肯定会留印子,还是那种最耻辱的手指印。 因为没有东西倚靠,你只能紧紧攀附着他的脖子,被抱在怀里顺着地心引力抽打猛送,因为靠的太近能完全感受到对方腰腹的发力。蜜液顺着抽送的动作又开始流,打湿交合的地方,顺着他的腿流下暧昧的黏腻水渍。 和无辜的外表相反,他仿佛要把你往死里做,动作大开大合完全不留手,一开始扩张的温柔只是昙花一现,吃到嘴里了才开始暴露本性。 这个姿势太深,你想远离一些,用力往上靠,却只是把自己更深地塞进敌人怀里,最后被操得眸中身下都是水色一片,饱满的穴肉红肿外翻,缓缓流出透明的体液,一时分不清是唇更红,眼更红,还是身下的唇更红。 对方的动作更深,你却快要被层叠的快感送上云端,攀附的手指失了气力,你眨眨眼,感觉黑暗把你包裹。 你知道这是什么。 梦快醒了。 * 六 * 宿醉的第二天果然头痛欲裂。 你从床上爬起来,腿软的差点跌下床,有些迷迷糊糊地套好衣服,闹钟响了很久,你怕自己迟到,随意抽了件衣服就穿上。 穿衣服的时候才发现自己随手抽了一件高领,你看了一眼天气,无可无不可地继续穿——这几天确实降温了——等等,你记得你喝醉的那天是22号,今天怎么就24号了呢? 你睡过了两天? 没琢磨出原因,最后归结于犯懒又宿醉的你睡了两天,不过身体倒是意外的干爽,半天也不像宿醉的人那般黏腻。 不过你也没宿醉过,你瞥了眼手机时间,很快抛弃这些无意义的思考,匆匆抓起一袋面包奔出门——快迟到了啊! 不知道为什么今天腿格外地酸软,不过还好赶上了刚到站的地铁,幸运地没有迟到,一到工位上居然看见了一个有些熟悉又陌生的人影。 陌生是因为很久没在现实中看到这个人了,熟悉是这个人是你的搭档,也是你昨晚做了一晚上春梦的对象,也有可能是前天的梦? 你瞥了他一眼,有些心虚地把自己的目光挪了开,做春梦梦到自己搭档有够尴尬,特别是第二天上班的时候还碰面了,多尴尬啊,一看到他就想起那个被操得半死不活的自己。 还好只是梦啊。 你和他打了个不尴不尬万分生疏的招呼,嘴里还叼着一片面包,和他擦肩而过的时候你瞥见他喉结上有个红点。 咦,这个季节有蚊子么,不是才刚降温吗? 想不通,不想了。 你愉快地咀嚼自己的早餐,错过了对方看来的视线。

——The End——


from The Cadence Collective

Hello everyone, This post does not count as our daily update, we will still publish one of those later on today. However, we decided to do a spur of the moment ramblings post, just because. It is currently very late as we write this post. It is currently 2:42 AM for those curious. We enjoy writing this late at night, even though our keyboard can be noisy and a bit annoying to some. It's a good thing we're not using the braille keyboard, that would be even more annoying and obtrusive, or so I'm told. We don't like to be obtrusive, or loud, but sometimes loudness is unavoidable, even if you're not talking. Activity is noisy, we're sure somebody said that somewhere. And noisy is okay in some situations. But especially when people are sleeping, we try no to be loud and inconvenient. We are currently playing Prometheus, our current text-based mud of choice. We will likely go into more details about that in a later, and larger, post, as we don't have the spoons to explain what a mud is, what Prometheus is, and all that entails. We may even do those things in two separate posts as sequels to our games post, which has been planned for a few days now. It is, after all, part of our experience. We are also working on our personal chronicles, and writing small blurbs for the new fediverse account, the Feathery Purr. Visit the Feathery Purr here Which actually brings up another thing which we forgot about. We need to write a promo post for the gaptangle, which is another system we are good friends/family/housemates/unlabeled connection here. Perhaps that will also come in a few days. They do lots of things on Mastodon, twitch, they have a ko-fi, a linktree, and probably other things we don't know about because we haven't looked into it. They're nice. We were outside for the recent eclipse, though we didn't post much about it on mastodon. We have some light perception, so we got to see the shadow moving across the sky from what was to us left to right. Z helped position us so we could see better. We didn't end up getting complete totality, which now I consider it is a redundant phrase but oh well ... we didn't get totality, but it was pretty close. It looked like evening, with dawn on the edges. Despite being mostly blind, it was neat to look at ... we enjoyed that day. It stormed for the entire night after the eclipse though. We don't particularly like storms, because we don't care for all the booms. I think part of that is because our bed is positioned near an outside wall, so the booms sound closer to us. It then stormed for the next week or so ... off and on. Storms make the sky look strange, even to someone with limited light perception. We've always been ... grumpy about storms, but it's become more prevalent over the past few years.


This concludes our random train of tangential madness. We hope you have enjoyed. See you all later for the daily update, assuming we're not either occupied by tasks or too tired to do it.


Post written by Kayla, Elena, Nicole, Delainey, and a few of the littles who enjoyed the eclipse. Edited for spelling, accuracy and coherency by Farren.


from The Cadence Collective

Hello everyone, We hope everyone has had a good Sunday so far, and will continue to have one if you are in a time zone where it is still Sunday. If not, happy Monday. This is just a small update, no large post today because we have been busy with our personal chronicles for the past 12 hours. We are also working toward another Mutual Aid goal of $40 to stop our bank from charging us an overdraft fee, because we are waiting on our next payments from various jobs that we do and they don't come in for a while. In happier news, we have put in a few new blog post ideas into our list of ideas for larger posts, and hope to have one of those out to you by next Saturday, assuming nothing goes out of whack. For us, today has been reasonably relaxing. We were supposed to do some house cleaning tasks, but we couldn't find the cleaning chemicals necessary to do them, so will do them tomorrow with help. If you don't get tomorrow's daily update, that's probably why. We've also been sleeping oddly as mentioned in a previous post, which is very annoying for our writing career, because it means we pound out our best work at 3 in the morning, and have to publish it when we're half asleep later on in the day. We're quite distractable though, so sometimes we forget. The post that we posted for you yesterday sat in our digital notepad for 2 days before we remembered it was done and ready for posting. Well, we hope you have enjoyed reading this small update post. If you wish to help with our mutual aid/crowdfunding effort, our financial support links are below, as always, along with our contact links. See you in the next one.


Post written by Kayla and Cascadia. Proofread by Farren.


from The Cadence Collective

Hello everyone, Recently while scrolling the internet at a really annoying time at night because our sleep schedule is ten different kinds of messed up, we came across a post that stated that you should always write for engagement and views. But we find that this is not true. We'll try to go into why in as coherent a manner as possible through this post.

The Premise

As mentioned before, this came up when scrolling the internet. We saw a comment on the blogging subreddit that said that you should make a post hook readers in, make them want to read it. And while, yes, if you're going to publish something on the internet, it should be coherent, should be worth the time it takes to scroll through it, and other various bits, we don't fully agree in the manic view checking, the paying for analytics, and the general ruckus around writing a blog. Why?


If you attempt to write for clicks, or write for the enjoyment of your audience, you risk becoming a perfectionist. We have issues with this, and really have trouble publishing our larger posts because we don't think they're good enough for the people who are reading our blog. This is not helped by the current blogging model, in our opinion. With the way blogging seems to work with most content creators, you have to write for the search engines. YOu have to write perfectly pressed posts, with the correct tags, and keywords, and you have to do it every day. That's ... just not feasible for most people, as you can see just by scrolling through this blog.

View Farming and View stress

If a writer is not careful with the way blogging works now, they will end up in the trap we once ended up in, when we first put up our very first page, Ebony Waters. They're always checking views. They're always checking analytics, and always trying to make sure they're doing the blog right. This both causes stress on the writer and can cause them to do rash things, like go into an employee chat and promote their half done website like a fool. That didn't happen to us, not at all. One does have to be careful with promoting one's own sites, for it can be pestering to others to see your links all the time. We personally try to limit our posting of links to once per link. But that's a tangent for another post. One can also fall into the trap we did with our first youtube channel, back when we were presenting as singlet. We wanted everyone to view our YouTube channel and watch our videos. They weren't that great, having been recorded by our mother on a 3rd generation iPad. One of those iPads that still had the 30-pin connector. Yet another tangent for another post. It is for these reasons we choose now to write for our enjoyment. We are always willing to address questions and comments from our audience, which is why we provide a contact section below every post. Well, we originally wanted it to be a single page on the blog but couldn't figure out how to pin it back then so just made it a signature. Guess we could change that now ... yet another tangent.

What does writing for enjoyment actually mean?

Well, that's a fair question. In our case, we purposely chose a site that doesn't make it easy to check views. This was to avoid falling into the trap we fell in before, checking views and getting stressed about how poorly we were doing. It also means not caring about how poorly we're doing, and remembering that this page is up for anyone who chooses to read it. Our page won't be for everyone, and it's not realistic to expect it to be. Writing for our enjoyment does not mean refusing to engage with respectful comments or questions. Just because you get enjoyment out of something doesn't mean others can't get enjoyment from it as well. It does mean that we post more daily life things, because that's what comes most naturally to us. Daily updates where we discuss things happening in our life, and talk about what's coming next, along with these larger posts about various topics, come naturally to us, along with the tangents that pop up along the way. Writing for our enjoyment also means choosing a site to write on that you are comfortable with. For us that is rant.li, for others it could be wordpress or blogger. It doesn't have to be one's own domain to be a good site. It just has to be somewhat coherent and enjoyable to the writer. If it is enjoyable to the readers, that's amazing, and more power to everyone for receiving enjoyment.


We hope you have enjoyed our admittedly spur of the moment post about writing for one's enjoyment. It was not planned, as you can see if you scroll back and look at yesterday's update. But as mentioned above, it happened after some random scrolling through reddit. See you in the next one.


Post was written by Kayla. Satire provided by Nicole and Delainey. Edited for spelling and accuracy by Farren.


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Garage Door Residential Bottom Brackets: Ensuring Stability and Safety

The residential bottom bracket is a critical component of any garage door system, providing support and stability to the bottom section of the door. These brackets are typically installed at the bottom corners of the garage door tracks and serve as anchor points for the lifting cables.

Constructed from heavy-duty steel or durable aluminum, residential bottom brackets are designed to withstand the weight and tension of the garage door. They feature reinforced plates and welded joints to ensure maximum strength and durability, even under heavy usage.

In addition to providing structural support, residential bottom brackets play a crucial role in ensuring the safe operation of the garage door. They help to distribute the weight of the door evenly and prevent it from becoming misaligned or off-track during opening and closing.

Regular maintenance and inspection of residential bottom brackets are essential to ensure their proper functioning and prevent potential accidents or damage to the door. Homeowners should regularly lubricate the moving parts and check for any signs of wear or damage, such as cracks or rust.

Overall, garage door residential bottom brackets are indispensable components that contribute to the smooth and safe operation of residential garage doors. By investing in high-quality brackets and performing routine maintenance, homeowners can ensure the longevity and reliability of their garage door system.


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معرفی برندهای معتبر جعبه پلی کربنات

جعبه‌های پلی کربنات به‌دلیل ویژگی‌های منحصربه‌فرد خود مانند شفافیت بالا، مقاومت مکانیکی عالی و سبکی وزن، در صنایع مختلفی از جمله الکترونیک، پزشکی، غذایی و حمل و نقل کاربرد گسترده‌ای دارند. با توجه به اهمیت این محصول، شرکت‌های معتبری در سراسر جهان به تولید جعبه‌های پلی کربنات با کیفیت بالا می‌پردازند. در این مقاله به معرفی برخی از برندهای شناخته‌شده و معتبر در این زمینه می‌پردازیم.

Nefab Nefab یک شرکت سوئدی است که در زمینه تولید محصولات بسته‌بندی و حفاظتی فعالیت می‌کند. این شرکت یکی از برندهای پیشرو در تولید جعبه‌های پلی کربنات با کیفیت بالا است. محصولات جعبه پلی کربنات Nefab در انواع مختلفی از جمله جعبه‌های شفاف، ضد‌ضربه و آزمایشگاهی تولید می‌شوند. این شرکت با تکیه بر تجربه طولانی خود در این صنعت، جعبه‌های پلی کربناتی با طراحی و مقاومت منحصربه‌فرد ارائه می‌کند.

Boxer Boxer یک شرکت بلژیکی است که در زمینه تولید انواع مختلف جعبه‌ها و ظروف بسته‌بندی فعالیت می‌کند. این شرکت جعبه‌های پلی کربنات خود را با استفاده از مواد با کیفیت بالا و فناوری‌های پیشرفته تولید می‌کند. جعبه‌های پلی کربنات Boxer در انواع مختلفی از جمله جعبه‌های شفاف، ضد‌ضربه، ضد‌سایش و مخصوص صنایع غذایی عرضه می‌شوند. این شرکت همچنین امکان سفارش جعبه‌های پلی کربنات با ابعاد و طراحی‌های خاص را برای مشتریان فراهم می‌کند.

TakinPlast تکین پلاست پاسارگارد یک شرکت ایرانی است که در زمینه تولید محصولات پلاستیکی صنعتی فعالیت می‌کند. این شرکت یکی از تولیدکنندگان برجسته جعبه‌های پلی کربنات با کیفیت بالا در خاورمیانه است. جعبه‌های پلی کربنات تکین پلاست در انواع مختلفی از جمله جعبه‌های شفاف، ضد‌ضربه، ضد‌سایش و آزمایشگاهی عرضه می‌شوند. این شرکت با تکیه بر سالیان تجربه و دانش فنی خود، جعبه‌های پلی کربنات و پالت های پلاستیکی را با دقت و کیفیت بالایی تولید می‌کند.

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Polycase Polycase یک شرکت آمریکایی است که در زمینه تولید انواع جعبه‌ها و محصولات بسته‌بندی پلاستیکی فعالیت می‌کند. این شرکت یکی از برندهای معتبر در تولید جعبه‌های پلی کربنات با کیفیت بالا است. جعبه‌های پلی کربنات Polycase در انواع مختلفی از جمله جعبه‌های شفاف، ضد‌ضربه، ضد‌سایش و آزمایشگاهی تولید می‌شوند. این شرکت با تکیه بر تجربه طولانی خود در این صنعت، جعبه‌های پلی کربنات را با طراحی و مقاومت منحصربه‌فرد ارائه می‌کند.


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In the realm of academic writing, essays play a pivotal role in showcasing one's understanding, analysis, and critical thinking skills. Crafting an essay that stands out requires meticulous attention to detail and a focus on enhancing accuracy and readability. In this article, we'll explore effective strategies to elevate your essays to new heights, ensuring they shine brightly among the rest.

Unleashing the Power of Essays Essays serve as a canvas for expressing ideas, opinions, and arguments on a myriad of topics. Whether you're a student tackling assignments or a professional writer crafting content, mastering the art of essay writing is essential. With the right approach, you can transform ordinary essays into compelling pieces of literature that captivate readers' attention and leave a lasting impression.

Harnessing the Expertise of Essay Writers When faced with daunting writing tasks, seeking assistance from an essay writer can be a game-changer. These professionals possess the expertise and experience to tackle any essay prompt with finesse. By leveraging their skills, you can elevate the quality of your essays and ensure they adhere to academic standards.

The Art of Crafting an Argumentative Essay Among the various types of essays, the argumentative essay stands out for its persuasive nature. It requires the writer to present a compelling argument supported by evidence and reasoning. By mastering the techniques of argumentation, you can construct persuasive essays that sway readers to your point of view.

Embracing the Role of Essay Bots In today's fast-paced world, essay bots have emerged as valuable tools for streamlining the writing process. These AI-powered assistants can generate essay outlines, suggest relevant content, and even provide grammar and spell-checking services. By incorporating essay bots into your workflow, you can boost efficiency and productivity while maintaining the integrity of your writing.

Enhancing Accuracy with Spell Checkers In the quest for perfection, spell checkers serve as indispensable allies. These tools meticulously scan your writing for spelling errors, typos, and grammatical mistakes, ensuring your essays are polished to perfection. By running your essays through a spell checker, you can catch and correct errors that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Conclusion: Shine Bright with Stellar Essays In conclusion, writing essays that shine requires a combination of skill, strategy, and innovation. By harnessing the expertise of essay writers, embracing the art of argumentation, leveraging essay bots, and utilizing spell checkers, you can enhance the accuracy and readability of your essays. So, go ahead and unleash your creativity, knowing that with the right tools and techniques, your essays will shine brightly for all to admire.

In this article, we've explored effective strategies for enhancing the accuracy and readability of your essays. By incorporating these techniques into your writing process, you can elevate the quality of your essays and ensure they stand out among the rest. So, go ahead and put these strategies into practice, and watch as your essays shine brightly for all to see.


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Challenges in Nursing Writing

NURSFPX stands out as a comprehensive writing platform, equipped with a suite of features designed to streamline the writing process. Its intuitive interface and grammar-checking tools ensure that nurses can draft polished documents with confidence.

Central to the practice of nursing is effective communication, a skill manifest in various forms, with writing being paramount. From documenting patient assessments to contributing to scholarly research, nurses wield the written word as a tool for advocacy, education, and collaboration. However, the journey towards mastering writing skills in nursing is not without its challenges.

Nurses, amidst their demanding clinical responsibilities, often find themselves grappling with the complexities of effective writing. The fast-paced nature of healthcare leaves little room for honing writing skills, resulting in documentation that may lack clarity or precision. Additionally, nurses must navigate diverse writing tasks, from concise patient charting to scholarly publications, each requiring a unique set of skills and expertise.

Yet, amidst these challenges, solutions emerge, offering nurses the support and guidance needed to excel in their writing endeavors. Innovative platforms and resources, designed specifically for the nursing community, serve as beacons of hope in the quest for writing proficiency. These tools offer features such as grammar and spell-checking, formatting assistance, and citation management, streamlining the writing process and ensuring accuracy and professionalism in documentation.

Moreover, climate change is leading to Essay Goat in disease patterns and the emergence of new health threats. Rising temperatures create favorable conditions for the spread of vector-borne diseases like malaria and Zika virus, as mosquitoes thrive in warmer climates and expand their range into previously unaffected areas. Changes in precipitation patterns also impact water quality and availability, increasing the risk of waterborne diseases such as diarrhea and typhoid fever.

Moreover, the advent of technology has paved the way for collaborative writing platforms, where nurses can engage in knowledge exchange and peer review, enriching their writing skills through shared experiences and insights. These platforms foster a sense of community and camaraderie among nurses, creating a supportive environment where learning and growth flourish.

As nurses continue to navigate the complexities of writing in healthcare, it is imperative to recognize the importance of ongoing education and professional development. Workshops, seminars, and continuing education courses offer valuable opportunities for nurses to refine their writing skills and stay abreast of best practices and emerging trends in nursing documentation.

In conclusion, Book Writing Helper evolution of nursing writing is a journey marked by challenges and triumphs, setbacks and solutions. As nurses strive to communicate effectively through the written word, they are met with a wealth of resources and support systems designed to empower them in their writing endeavors. By embracing these solutions and continuing to invest in their writing skills, nurses will not only enhance the quality of patient care but also contribute to the advancement of nursing practice as a whole.


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Pot să îmi doresc multe chestii însă unele sunt mai importante și tocmai de aceea o zi liberă este ceva care vreau să îmi aparțină.

Am zis că voi face tot ceea ce ține de mine pentru a mă bucura de orice concediu și vacanță. Vreau să mă distrez și să mă relaxez atunci când am ocazia.


Începe să fie o perioadă bună în viața mea și mă bucur că am astfel de oportunități.


from ubyby

Zilele libere mereu cu https://rant.li/zile-libere/

Știu că este o perioadă aglomerată și tocmai acesta a fost motivul pentru care am zis să îmi programez câteva zile libere pentru această lună.

Am pus la punct câteva detalii și am făcut programarea pentru o săptămână de concediu în care vreau să mă plimb prin colțurile lumii. Vorba vine căci voi sta acasă cea mai multă perioadă. Dar voi avea și plecări.