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Birthday 2023
Slept through my birthday today, just like I did last year. However, we did have dinner at Shakey’s with Daddy and Ate Rea. My friend also sent me ice cream today.
FB Story
Now, about those birthday greetings I was expecting from my ‘friends.’ Guess what? Nobody greeted me today XD. What am I even expecting? LOL. One of them even viewed the photo above on my Facebook story but didn’t bother sending a message, although he did greet me last year.
Anyway, I’m considering unfriending all of them on Facebook, but that’s not really my nature. I’ve never unfriended people before. Let’s see.

Got 3 birthday greetings at exactly 12 AM. I've been doing this for the longest time now for my close friends, and it's nice to be the one getting it for once. Thank you to these three awesome people. You know who you are. You made my birthday this year a lot better.
I wonder if my “friends” will greet me this year. Let's see XD
Special shoutout to Shane for being the first to greet me this year, like, 4 days early. XD

Farlight 84

I've been trying out a new computer game called Farlight 44 lately. It reminds me of the game CODM I used to play with my “friends.”
I sort of miss the old days of gaming with them. It's not easy to play games like this with others now. We can't talk while playing, and our teamwork isn't great. It's funny because I found out that my “friends” are also playing this game from another friend. LOL.

Sad to find out about my friend's eldest brother's passing through a Viber group. Learned that my other “friends” were there for the wake, yet I had no clue. Would have loved to pay my respects too, as he was like an elder brother to me. I guess they really don't consider me a friend.

It’s been a year since my close childhood friends “betrayed” me, and I’m still carrying the hurt and sadness. I got a picture from a friend, showing my so-called “close friends” eating together somewhere. It was confusing because just the night before, we were gaming on Call of Duty Mobile. We used to play almost every night since the pandemic started, so I couldn’t figure out why they didn’t invite me.
Looking at the photos my other friend sent, I felt disrespected. They chatted in our group as if they weren’t physically together, deliberately leaving me out. The “betrayal” hit hard.
That night, one of them invited me to play CODM, but I said no. I was hurt and couldn’t pretend everything was fine. The next day, I joined their game, but I stayed quiet. They talked, but it was obvious they felt guilty, never asking why I wasn’t talking.
After that, they played at different times, never inviting me. They even played during our usual time without checking if I wanted to join. I felt invisible, and no one reached out.
Accepting that my childhood friends treated me this way was tough. They were like family, and it felt like I lost a part of myself. I couldn’t forget because I remember everything, and their actions haunted me. I found myself crying at night, overthinking, and feeling alone.
Then, I realized I had other friends who cared. Rain, Shabby, Alaine, Lou, El, JV, Red, Mina, and Mia noticed and reached out. They listened and cared. I started chatting in online forums, meeting Drew and Rie just before my birthday. It was refreshing to meet people who valued me, unlike my old friends. Spending time with them was worth it, and I’m thankful for friends who appreciate me.
I met Kira in person, and she introduced me to her boyfriend, our first face-to-face meeting after knowing each other for years. Shane and Danna, online buddies for almost a decade, supported me. I hope to meet them someday. Sherina, Jem, and Luis, my new online friends, are great listeners, especially when I talk about my “friends.” Sherina’s dog shares the same name as mine, Coco. It’s cool how pets connect people.
These people showed me true friendship isn’t always physical. They were there when I needed them, and I’m grateful for their kindness.
Meeting new friends helped me see the universe’s mysterious ways. Losing my childhood friends hurt, but it led me to people who are now important in my life. I’m still healing, but with my new friends’ support, I can move forward and make lasting memories.

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Woke up this morning with a severe headache. The fever is gone but I still have a runny nose. I slept the whole day XD. Took another antigen swab test this evening and it's still negative.

Christmas Tree

My aunt made cheesecake and fruit salad for Christmas Eve dinner. I hope everyone is safe and advance Merry Christmas from the Philippines! :3

I've been sick for the past 3 days. Runny nose and fever. I used an antigen test kit on my 2nd day and the result is negative. Looks like this is just normal flu. Probably because of the weather or because I learned that my “close friends” had our traditional end-of-year gathering without inviting me. Oh well.

As expected, the so-called 'friends' didn't greet me on my birthday the other day. The funny thing is, one of our friends celebrates her birthday a day after mine. These 'friends' immediately greeted her on Facebook right after I had greeted her. It's both amusing and sad, as it seems they completely forgot about me.