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2023-05-28T1253H UTC+8: Head Cover and Meeting a Maranao Business People

Yesterday I went to the market to buy a head cover. They call it tuob for the skull cap and talukbong for the headscarf but these stuffs are only available in Quiapo in the City of Manila so the man in the store gave me a head bonnet instead and told me he uses the bonnet and will do as head cover.

2023-05-28T1240H UTC+8: Second Jum'ah In Princess Urduja's Place

Managed to attend the Jum'ah in the local mosque for the second time.

Right after disembarking from the tricycle and paying the fare a Muslim brother about 2 meters from me greeted and said Assalamalaikum with enthusiasm and asked where I live in the locality. I greeted him back but instead of Waalaikumsalam I said Assalamalaikum instead.

There I have asked a new Filipino Muslim friend I met during the first Jum'ah attendance regarding wudu and ablution as I thought the rule before entering the mosque is to perform the wudu everytime but Ibrahim told me once I have peformed wudu at home before going to the mosque as long as I have not breaken it (i.e., peeing) then I don't need to perform the wudu again to enter the mosque.

At the end of the Jum'ah there is a call to help some Muslim brothers and sisters that are preparing for visit Jordan and I gave 1k PHP.

2023-05-23T2246H UTC+8: Quibla & Salah

Last night I was able to find the Quibla direction at my new place in the province and went back in to doing the Salah again.

2023-05-20T2036H UTC+8: The Absence of the Shabbat in Islam

Recent discussion regarding the Jew's Shabbat and how it is in Christianity and in Islam revealed a new perspective with regards to the new law in Islam as abrogation of the law of Moses.

Shabbat in Islam is absent but Jumah is instituted that is similar in nature but not even a replacement to Shabbat.

2023-05-14T2228H UTC+8: Who Invented The Trinity?

Here is an article comprising of 2 parts discussing how the doctrine of Trinity in Christianity rose up and became the de facto doctrine of the religion.

2023-05-14T2043H UTC+8: My Doubts About The Prophet Isa (AS)

As I have mentioned from my previous post I did doubt the existence of prophet Isa (AS) because his existence was full of controversy and it actually led many people to believe that the g-d of Abraham is indeed divisible hence the existence of the trinity where g-d in three persons exist, g-d the father, g-d the son, and g-d the holy spirit which is against the very core of Abrahamic monotheism.

But then scrutinizing the stand that the prophet Isa might actually not exist will contradict the holy book of Islam because the Quran is written by Allah (SWT) and revealed to the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by the angel Jibrel (AS) and the prophet Isa has been spoken of in the Quran.

The only prophet that exist that I came to know to be worshipped as g-d is the prophet Isa and no one else. So why does his existence led many to stray from the Abrahamic monotheistic path? What gives?

2023-05-14T1905H UTC+8: Understanding How The Quran Was Preserved

Since I came see my mother we've been discussing about her Christian religion and mine which is Islam. At some point I was really bothered about the complication brought about by the prophet Isa (AS) as per the gospels in the new testament. Furthermore there is even a complication about Isa when it comes to the Islam religion. At some point I really started doubting the existence of the prophet Isa and maybe that the Jews are correct when they concluded that the prophet Isa might not have existed after all.

Now, upon pondering about these things I was led to the long standing question of the authenticity of the new testament gospels and how it relates to the authenticity of the Quran. Such inquiry led me to the following article: