2023-05-14T2043H UTC+8: My Doubts About The Prophet Isa (AS)

As I have mentioned from my previous post I did doubt the existence of prophet Isa (AS) because his existence was full of controversy and it actually led many people to believe that the g-d of Abraham is indeed divisible hence the existence of the trinity where g-d in three persons exist, g-d the father, g-d the son, and g-d the holy spirit which is against the very core of Abrahamic monotheism.

But then scrutinizing the stand that the prophet Isa might actually not exist will contradict the holy book of Islam because the Quran is written by Allah (SWT) and revealed to the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by the angel Jibrel (AS) and the prophet Isa has been spoken of in the Quran.

The only prophet that exist that I came to know to be worshipped as g-d is the prophet Isa and no one else. So why does his existence led many to stray from the Abrahamic monotheistic path? What gives?