a poem about the first episode of shortland street In the land of the Kiwis, in the city of Auckland, A new hospital drama was about to embark. It was called Shortland Street, and it promised to be A show full of drama and mystery.

The first episode began with a bang, As a car crash left everyone hanging. The doctors and nurses were quick on the scene, Working together to save the injured, it seemed.

There was Hone Ropata, the charming surgeon, And Carrie Burton, the nurse with a purpose. They worked tirelessly to save a man's life, As the drama unfolded with every slice.

The tension was high, the stakes were great, As the doctors fought to change his fate. With each passing moment, the hope did grow, As they worked together to save him, you know.

Finally, the moment arrived, and the man was saved, Thanks to the doctors and the nurses who were brave. The first episode of Shortland Street had come to an end, But the drama and the mystery would continue to blend.

And so it began, this hospital drama, Full of passion, betrayal, and trauma. The first episode had set the stage, For Shortland Street's enduring legacy and age.