It's official. I have started settling down with my mother whom I have not seen nor heard in 17 years since I joined the army and even after I left the service in 2010. This also marks the time that I have permanently left the Manila metropolis to settle on a historic place known as Lingayen that bears the roots of an ancient Islam kingdom under a Muslim warrior princess, a place of retreat from a Chinese pirate warrior, and one of the sites of amphibious landings during the Japanese invasion of the Philippines during world war II. Today the place boasts of a stretch of fine gray-sand beach that stretches along the coast of Lingayen from the Limahong Channel up to Binmaley. Geology has pushed land mass above sea level exposing new lands while pushing the coast afar providing for new real estate.

This is also ends the era for me with regards to physically working on-site for companies as I have closed that door and opened a new one for permanent remote work on either a permanent employment, contractual, or even freelance agreements.

This also marks the beginning of the triathlete warrior lifestyle as I have bought a low end mountain bike with aluminum frame from last week to compliment the swimming and running training.