2023-05-28T1845H UTC+8: Money Flowing Out Fast

I need to get a job soon cause money is flowing out fast due to unexpected budget overflow for the cottage construction and other unplanned expenses.

2023-05-28T1841H UTC+8: Digital Casio Wrist Watch

Last night I decided to give my digital Casio wrist watch to my niece as I realized she don't have a wrist watch.

Turns out her wrist watch was broken and probably was having reservation in asking for a new one from her parents since there is also another problem on her broken eye glasses.

She looks happy upon receiving an original Casio digital wrist watch with 200m water resistance.

2023-05-28T1829H UTC+8: Construction Materials Inflation

The price for the construction materials is unbelievable. I started asking if the decision to build the cottage was right because it started to go over the budget with some material price ratio of the old and current going up to 58.4%. Maybe the inflation has something to do with this but increase is way beyond the projected 6.6% to 7.6% but it could be a matter of supply and demand because the area now is slowly becoming a tourist spot and the implicit consequence are the building of local cottages around the beach.

2023-05-25T1526H UTC+8: Nightmare

I fell into sleep after lunch time and after I started uninstalling some software from my PC. I had a dream.

In the dream my mother was cranky and she said that niece was taking methamphetamine. Then I asked my mother in the dream where my niece got the methamphetamine but she kept silent so I was furious and I got my cold steel G.I. Tanto that was went missing under the water last time at the beach. I pushed the knife against my mom's torso to pressure her to speak up and answer my question. It was a nightmare and I woke up.

2023-05-24T2145H UTC+8: Cottage Slowly Coming to Life

The workers today managed to have the roof installed along with the foundations from many days back. No flooring and walls at the moment but the cottage is slowly coming to life.

2023-05-23T2227H UTC+8: Busy Day

Had a busy day. First thing in the morning was the attempt to purchase plane ticket for my mother. The first attempt failed last time because she forgot to bring her senior citizen ID. Second attempt today but the system for booking the flight was down. Turns out my younger sister tried to book the plane ticket was due to some reason was also differed. Mother decided to cancel it as it seems it's not destined.

Next thing was buying wood, roof, and some nails for the rest house that is currently under construction. Materials has risen due to inflation so mother was taken off guard at the cost of the roof. I had to make the decision to have the wall using sinawali and the flooring using bamboo to keep within the budget. I can improve the place later on when there is extra money for that.

The visit at the USA TV for subscription application for their Internet service was not successful. Turns out my new residential address has lots of limitations when it comes to Internet service providers. Last time my application for PLDT was cancelled because there was no available ports. Skycable on the other hand has no infrastructure in the area to provide for cable TV with Internet. Now USA TV has the same lack as Skycable. Satellite Internet subscription exist but like Elon Musk's Starlink requires an expensive upfront cost and monthly. I am now left with a non-satellite and wireless Internet subscription option and I had to pick if it's going to be PLDT wireless Internet or Globe wireless Internet which are both prepaid.

Went to visit a new barber in the municipality for a haircut and I got a good one.

No workouts this day.

2023-05-18T1033H UTC+8: 400 Mbps Fiber Unli Plan

Going to apply for a 400 Mbps Fiber Unli Plan instead of the 200 Mbps one. This is to give the family ample bandwidth in the worst case they all connect their devices for streaming and gaming while I do my software development work.

Heading off to the city for the fiber optic internet plan and for some R&R.

2023-05-18T0940H UTC+8: Provincial City Travel

Just waiting for the call this morning to finish and I'll prepare to head off to the provincial city for internet subscription application.

2023-05-17T2202H UTC+8: Donning The Iron Man Alter Ego

Time to don the Iron Man alter ego again. It can be Kashim or Teth-Adam but Iron Man alter ego still the one that is strongly associated with my personality due to my strong inclination with the STEM field.

2023-05-17T2123H UTC+8: Larger Mosquitos

Mosquitos been feasting on my blood and I been doing the killing frenzy for a few days now. Interesting that the mosquitos here are bigger than the one in Manila metropolis.