2023-07-08T1120H UTC+8: A Month Ago

It's been a month after my last post and a lot of things happened already.

So my mother continued building my cottage even though I have told them to stop the construction due to lack of funds. At least I've seen how much my mother cared to give me even a simple place to stay that I can call my own. Also this is another month of more emersion with my mother seeing how she lives her life with my niece and nephew.

On the other hand I had completely focused physical fitness and bonding with the family while looking for a job and landed in one.

At the moment I moved back to live at Manila metropolis renting a small room with AC and just walking distance to my new my work and coming home at the tropical beach home every weekends.

2023-06-07T1006H UTC+8: India Dropped Important STEM Topics In Its Textbooks

This is very disturbing from India as the country decided on dropping important topics from their textbooks namely the Periodic Table of Elements, Pythagorean theorem, and the Theory of Evolution.

In terms of the Theory of Evolution I understand that people don't like that the idea that humans came from apes but in Charles Darwin's theory it was never said that Man came from Apes so when the authorities in India spoke about the same line it feels unbelievable that they fall also to the same error as other people's misunderstanding of Charles Darwin's theory.

2023-06-04T1110H UTC+8: Visiting The City

My niece and I will visit the city after lunch to scout for eyeglass frames that is at a lower price.

2023-05-30T2113H UTC+8: Cottage and Future House

As what my mother wished that all her children has a place of their own I will keep to her wishes. That means the unfinished cottage construction will be continued later on and it will serve as my shelter here in the province and will be my vacation house.

A taller structure will be built later on just beside the cottage that will serve as my main house. I'm thinking of a 4 level structure with basement. The basement will serve as laboratory, ground level will serve as garage and workspace, second level will be my living room and dining area, third level will be my room, and the fourth level will be my library and monitoring station and will house the antenna for the satellite internet.

2023-05-30T2044H UTC+8: Disagreement with Mother

Today I am so disappointed.

Mother blurted some words that infuriated me regarding my past. I lost my enthusiasm. I guess it is enough that I saw my mother after 17 years but maybe settling here at this time isn't the right path to take at the moment.

I am eyeing going back to the city once I got a new job.

2023-05-30T1212H UTC+8: Post Mercury Retrograde Shadow

Just in line with my hunch, we are in a mercury retrograde season as evidence of some previous professional connections coming back to life.

2023-05-29T0924H UTC+8: Changing Mind Regarding Work Setup and Asking Pay

Why would I force a 100% remote work when it diminishes the probability of getting a job?

I think I will still opt for a hybrid setup and worst I may have to rent a bed space in Manila metropolis in order to maximize the chances of having work and that means I won't be lowering my asking salary in order to accommodate the bed space and travel fares during the week.

Nothing is gained from being too rigid. Time to get back to flexibility as this is one of my key strong points during the course of my employments.

2023-05-29T2058H UTC+8: Money Decision

According to my mother we will be needing another 10k PHP approximately to complete the cottage construction. Now here is the problem with this.

In terms of job hunting no other company is contacting me recently apart from Satellite Office and IBM Philippines on initial contact.

The expectation when I came home to my mother was to stay here for good and to build a cottage as my home but within the allocated budget because of the constraint that I am still looking for work. Shedding another 10k PHP will deplete my remaining savings and that is not good news considering that I still don't have a work.

The problem right now is money and I have to make a quick decision. For the cottage construction I have decided to stop the construction and will continue it once I got the money. For the job application I have lowered my asking pay by removing 30k PHP from it. I think me being away from work for 8 months now has affected my value as a software engineer.

Though my mother gave me a small piece of land it requires that I spend for it but is all worth it considering all the benefits of moving away from the city and settling down in Dayang Urduja's place. Also, taking a long break from work has paved way for my rebirth in terms of health, well being, spiritual growth as a Muslim, and combat conditioning but has impacted my market value as a software engineer and led to deal with an unprofessional client that facilitated the early settling of my scholarship obligation and temporarily halting my engineering schooling.

Every decision comes with a cost.

2023-05-28T1845H UTC+8: Money Flowing Out Fast

I need to get a job soon cause money is flowing out fast due to unexpected budget overflow for the cottage construction and other unplanned expenses.

2023-05-28T1841H UTC+8: Digital Casio Wrist Watch

Last night I decided to give my digital Casio wrist watch to my niece as I realized she don't have a wrist watch.

Turns out her wrist watch was broken and probably was having reservation in asking for a new one from her parents since there is also another problem on her broken eye glasses.

She looks happy upon receiving an original Casio digital wrist watch with 200m water resistance.