Sending Music To Top Blogs: How To Go About Sending song to blogs is a brilliant manner of growing your current ranking. To manual you thru right here are some of the exceptional ways of sending the tune:

Use SoundCloud

This is an online audio distribution platform that allows you to add, document, promote, and proportion your music. When you register, you are given a completely unique URL that is precise for your song.

To ship the track, you have to send the URL to the blogger and the blogger may be capable of get right of entry to all your song in one platform.

While this platform is excellent to use, you ought to make certain which you update your profile with the intention to seem extreme. You should also make certain that your profile is appealing to the site visitors.

Other than SoundCloud other high-quality structures that you may use are: ReverbNation and Bandcamp.


One of the excellent things approximately Dropbox is that it is smooth to apply and you down load the music in a simple file containing all the records that you want. If you choose using Dropbox, you need to make certain that your zip file contains your bio, album cover, album, photographs, and a document containing your links.

When it comes to the album, you have to make certain that it's in Mp3 layout. This is because the layout is small in length hence clean to download. You ought to also consist of a most of five pix and if important listing the awards which you have gained.

Golden tips

For you to achieve success on your submissions, you need to consider some of suggestions:

One of factors that you need to do is to make certain that you do not send commonplace emails. As a severe musician or promoter you need to ensure which you create a completely unique e mail for every blog. Sending popular emails is dull and frustrates all and sundry involved.

If you do not need to create a unique e-mail, you ought to have the decency of the use of the blind carbon reproduction.

Another factor you need to do is to ensure that you use right grammar and spelling. Using sloppy grammar indicates that you are not critical and the probabilities of the blogger analyzing your e-mail are very minimal.

Another vital tip is to goal the relevant weblog. For instance, in case you sing reggae song, you ought to contact a blog that reviews reggae song.


Sending your song the use of the proper ways aids in increasing your probabilities of getting featured; consequently, you must observe the proper pointers.