Manage Hotel

The simple principles of Managing a Budget hotel in Fuvahmulah are easy and comparable, irrespective of what the Star category of the Hotel is (1, 2, 3, four and 5 Star Hotel (Based on the Services and Facilities they offer), or if it is a massive or a small Hotel or if the hotel is operated independently (Managing the Hotel below your (Hotel Owners) Name) or part of a Hotel Chain (Managing Hotel beneath a person else name and paying them charges for the usage of their name). The larger the Hotel receives, in terms of the number of Rooms and the range of Restaurants and Bars, the wide variety of Staff increase and additionally the range of Titles and Positions of the Staff operating there. The primary and fundamental Business of any Hotel or a Resort is offering Rooms, Food and Drink to Guests (Customers).

They are labeled as City Hotels (which mainly cater for Business Guest), Resorts (which cater for Guests on Holiday or on Vacation in Holiday and Beach Side Destinations), Airport Hotels (which can be close to Airports and ordinarily cater to transit Airline Passengers and Airline Crew), Casino Hotels (Hotels which have certified Gambling centers), Convention Hotels (which have Convention and Meeting centers for huge number of Guests), Motels (Mainly in the US, which cater to Guests Traveling through avenue and who want to forestall over for overnight) , Bed and Breakfast (Mainly in Europe, which are small Hotels catering for Guest at reasonable pricing).

Letting out Guest Rooms, Letting out Conference Rooms for Meetings and Conferences, Letting out Ballrooms for Weddings and Functions and Sale and Service of Food and Drink in Restaurants and Bars are the primary source of Revenue on which Hotels rely.

As time surpassed by using Hotels started generating Revenues from Spa (Providing Massage and Treatment Services) ,Health Club (Gym), Boutiques in the Hotel Lobby, Golf, Outside Catering, Serving Airlines thru Flight Catering etc.

The primary Operational Departments of a Hotel are Front Office Department, House Keeping Department, Food and Beverage Service Department, Food Production Department (Kitchen).

Front Office and House Keeping Departments together are also called Rooms Division Department.

Front Office Department offers with Guests Reservations: for Guests who want to live inside the Hotel , it also deals with Guest Registration whilst Guest test in to the Hotel, thru coping with Guest requests and Complaints during a Guest live inside the Hotel to finally accumulating and processing Guest Payments, whilst Guest Finally test out of the Hotel.

In smaller Hotels Front Office Department is genuinely referred to as Reception.

Receptionists, Guest Service Agents, Cashiers and Front Office Manager shape part of this Department.

Second Operational Department that's closely related to Front Office Department is House Keeping Department, which deals with the cleansing of Guest Rooms and Public Areas (Restaurants, Bars, Conference Halls, Ball Rooms and Offices etc).

In medium sized to massive Hotels House Keeping Department also has an on premises Laundry for the washing of Guest Room Linen (Bed Sheets, Towels, Pillow Cases and many others), Guest Clothes (for a further Fee) and Staff Uniforms. In smaller Hotels this characteristic is normally outsourced.

In smaller Hotels it's virtually known as Maid Service.

Room Maids, Housemen, Laundry Supervisor and Executive House Keeper shape part of this Department.

Third Operational Department is Food and Beverage Service Department, which is a collection of all Restaurants, Bars, Conference halls and Ball rooms inside the Hotel. It also includes Room Service.

Waiters, Bartenders, Restaurant Manager, Bar Manager, Room Service Manager, Banquet Manager and Food and Beverage Manager form part of this Department.

This Department deals with the Service of Food and Drink to the Guest and later for the gathering of Payment from Guest.

Fourth Operational Department in a Hotel is Food Production Department or Kitchen. They prepare dinner Food for the Guests in the Restaurant, Bar, Room Service, Conferences, Functions and Weddings.

Cooks, Kitchen Stewards, Commis, Chef de Parties and Executive Chef form part of this Department.

Other than the 4 essential operational departments cited above there are small ancillary departments which help in the right functioning of a Hotel.

They are:

Accounts Department: Deals with the Money of the Hotel: all the Receipts and Payments of Money .Check if the whole thing is accounted for and there's no pilferage (Stealing). Pays Salaries to Staff, Payments to Suppliers and deals with Books of Accounts for Taxation purpose. They additionally make regular reviews for Owners and Managers, to offer them the appropriate monetary picture (if the Hotel is making Profit or Loss).

Human Resources or Personnel Department: This Department Recruits or Hires new team of workers offers with Employee Disciplinary Procedures, Employee Reward and Recognition Systems, Staff Attendance, Staff Holidays and Leave, Hiring, Firing, Promotions, Demotions and Transfers of Staff. They additionally cope with Employee Benefits like Social Security, Employee Insurance, Health and Safety of Staff and matters related to Staff Pay.

Training Department: This Department is a part of Human Resources Department, deals particularly with Staff Training.

Sales and Marketing Department: offers with promoting the Hotel and its Restaurants and Bars to growth the Room Occupancy and Sales and to also boom sales of Restaurants, Bars, Functions and Conferences. They also take care of Advertising, Promotions and Public Relations of the Hotel.

Engineering and Maintenance Department: deals with the right preservation of Hotel Building and Equipment, lighting, Air Conditioning, Hot and Cold Water in Rooms and Restaurants, Plumbing, Painting, Carpentry Repairs etc.

Purchase Department: offers with the Purchase of Goods and Items (Food, Drink, Stationery and Equipment and so on), required for the proper functioning of a Hotel.

Store Department: deals with the Receiving, Storage and Issuing of Goods and Items (Food, Drink, Stationary and Equipment etc) to various Departments in the Hotel.

Security Department: deals with the Security of Staff, Guests and the Hotel Property. They also are liable for the Fire Safety.

Finally, there may be the IT (Information Technology) Guy, who looks after the Computers and the Networking Systems within the Hotel, Hotel Website, Emails and Printers and so forth

Every Department can characteristic on its personal with a Department Head/Supervisor. But, to give proper Guest Service, Maintain Standards and to Increase Hotel Revenue you want a coordinator who can coordinate, manual and control all the Departments inside the Hotel. That is whilst the Hotel Manager/ General Manager are available, to coordinate the Functions of all the Departments and take the Hotel within the right route.

So in a nutshell, Managing Hotel is all approximately retaining the Guest glad with the aid of offering him excellent product (Room, Food and Drink) and service and hence ensuring his/her go back in an effort to in the long run cause the profitability of the Hotel and its Owners. This is just a quick introduction to Manage Hotel or a Resort.