Hey! I'm ZeroChaos80 and I am about to dump ALL the chaos I can right here on this blog. Maybe somebody who is in need of something to help them figure out things can find it here, but if not, then anyone who stops to read will either understand the level of uncomfortable in my mind, or they will think, “Man, what a messed up bitch.” Either way, my issues will be here in a totally random space where people I know won't know it's me. WARNING:There will be a LOT about the current state of the government and how much the 'workers' in it piss me off. I guess most people would say I'm a Conservative and it would mostly fit. However, I prefer “politically flexible” (and sometimes politically homeless). I absolutely believe you should work for what you get and if you don't have it, work harder. I also know people fall on hard times and need help but that some would rather live off government funded help than get a flipping job. If that opinion bothers you, the country where I live is still a free one and you are free to hate it and I'm talking absolutely abhor it, but I am still free to have it. I will normally back it up with sources, if I don't, Google is a thing everywhere, fact check me. I love learning and want it to be correct. BUT MY blog, MY rules. Don't catch attitude, I will blister you if you sound like you're being condescending and trying to overpower me with your own opinion. You want folks to like & debate about YOUR opinion and possibly agree with you? Get your own blog. I hear the WWW is the place to do it.

Let's get started, shall we?