A Course in Miracles Beyond the Body

A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is a powerful spiritual curriculum taught in nondual language. Hundreds of students from all spiritual backgrounds are finding new answers and experience through this nondual reinterpretation of the ACIM workbook lessons.

One of the most difficult aspects of the course is recognizing that the body is not real and that its purpose is communication. The ego uses the body for pride, pleasure and attack. The Body is Not Real

It is important to realize that the body, while appearing to be physical, is not. It is, in fact, quite literally part of a holographic dream. It is not, however, separate from the mind, which is like an ocean from which all seeming reality springs. The body, like the wave in the ocean, is an intrinsic fragment of the whole mind (the ocean). If used for communication only, it can be useful. But if it is used for pride, pleasure or attack it teaches separation, which makes communication impossible.

The purpose of the body is to unite with God, but the ego uses it for three other purposes that actually constrain communication. Pride and pleasure are two things that keep the recognition of spirit from coming into awareness. Attack is another thing that keeps the recognition of spirit from coming into awareness because it seems to demonstrate that separation is possible.

To see beyond the body, it is helpful to envision a circle that fills with light and extends into infinity. In this circle is everything that you perceive, and within it is a great unbroken continuity of light. There is no break in this light, no limit to its scope or length, and it contains all that ever was or will be in the universe. This is the light that you are looking into now, and it has everything to do with your forgiveness and acceptance of the Atonement. This light is the truth and a holy instant has come to your awareness. The Body is Not Yours

A powerful video posted on Vimeo a few weeks ago shows several women of all colors and backgrounds, speaking out in monologues about their bodies and lives. “This body is mine, and not yours,” they say, making clear that the bodies they are in control of—and whose rights they are defending—are fundamental to their lives.

The self-study spiritual thought system A Course in Miracles has captured the hearts and minds of millions worldwide and delivered inner peace where fear and pain once reigned. But for many, it seems inaccessible, difficult to grasp, and even intimidating. This book takes the Big Picture ideas of ACIM and renders them in a form that is reader friendly. The Body is a Gift

The body is a wonderful gift from God. He gave it to us in order to use it in the world as a way to share his love with others. If we understand our purpose for being here, and know that we are loved by the one who is all loving, then our bodies will become a source of great joy to us.

The purpose of the body is to extend this message of perfect immunity in God's Being, through our Loving actions and the sharing of our experiences with others. The ego's purposes are communication, but it also uses the body for pride, pleasure and attack, which are different purposes that constrain communication. acim app

The human energy vehicle, the physical and spiritual body is a mobile schoolroom. It is a place of miracles, and you learn in it all the lessons that Spirit teaches you. In Gift of the Body, you will find out where all of your feelings, thoughts, beliefs, opinions, strengths, weaknesses, miseries and glories live in your energy bodies and how to heal the ones that need healing and strengthen the ones that serve you well. You will also learn how to see your human energy vehicle as the miracle it is and the gift that it is to God and to you. The Body is a Tool

The purpose of the body is communication. However, the ego has other uses for it as well; pride, pleasure and attack. These other uses constrain the use of the body for communication and make communication more difficult. The only way to unify perception of the body is through forgiveness and accepting Atonement.

Interestingly, if representational change causally influences kinematics, participants who exhibit more extensive changes in landmark localization following tool-use should concurrently exhibit more expansive kinematic changes. But these measures do not covary, suggesting that different measure of tool embodiment capture a distinct body representation or that both measurement methods may be affected by confounds.

The purpose of the body is to be used to reach others so that Spirit can extend its message about perfect immunity in God’s Love, through forgiveness and Atonement. This is done through traditional and accepted means such as speaking, acts of charity, Loving actions, writing, etc. However, the most powerful and indisputable testimony of innate innocence and invulnerability is our physical healing, exclusive to forgiveness and accepting Atonement.

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