Dog agility training houston

Puptown Houston is one of the Certified dog trainers in Houston area with more than 25+ years practical knowledge. We provide individual training session for dog training, puppy training, obedience training, and behavior training.

Our Certified dog trainers assist owners to build ever-lasting bonds with their dogs by the power of obedience, engagement as well as activity management services. We provide, bog’s behavior adaptation, dog obedience training for responsiveness, puppy training as well as early puppy basic training!

For almost ten years now, Puptown Houston Dog Training has been dedicated to serving the Houston community. They proudly provide a range of services, including doggy daycare, boarding, and boarding with training options. Our certified trainers at Puptown Houston specialize in dog obedience training and puppy training. They excel in assisting owners with behavioral modification, especially in cases involving aggression or reactive dogs. Their expertise and experience ensure that your furry companions receive the best care and training to lead happy and well-behaved lives. We give services like dog training for autism, mobility, PTSD, and so on. Additionally, we offer therapy dog courses, specifically designed to prepare handlers for certification. Nestled on expansive, multiple acres, our state-of-the-art facility offers over 11,000 square feet of fully air-conditioned indoor space, providing a comfortable environment even during hot weather. At Puptown Houston, our trainers are highly proficient in first aid and CPR we are fully equipped to handle any unforeseen situation with utmost preparedness. As a locally owned small business, we take great pride in our roots, being both minority-owned and women-led. We continue to lead the way as pioneers in establishing higher standards for dog training and boarding practices nationwide.

Basically, we provide 3 kinds of doggy training solutions.

Lodge & Learn Training At Puptown Houston

Do you know what is Lodge and Learn? In Houston, our most sought-after dog training program is the Lodge & Learn program. With Lodge & Learn, your beloved canine companion stays at our facility, embarking on daily adventures that provide opportunities to learn and grow in various ways. At Puptown, our Lodge & Learn program is the ultimate dream vacation camp for every dog. Upon completion of our Lodge & Learn program, your dog will be exceptionally well-trained and ready to return home to you. We provide comprehensive send-home instructions along with additional follow-up lessons to ensure a smooth and effortless transition back to your home life!

In our Lodge & Learn program, we diligently perform all the necessary repetitions to establish solid obedience skills in your dog. We take great pride in our unwavering dedication to excellence and even provide a guarantee that your dog will master these essential skills! Every day, starting from the early hours, your dog will participate in an energetic and exhilarating routine, featuring running, playing, hiking, and swimming. Throughout these activities, your furry companion will also learn essential play behaviors, house manners, and skills suited for public spaces!

During their stay in our Lodge & Learn program, your dog will delight in a variety of exciting excursions to parks, stores, and engaging in training classes, among many other adventures. Our focus is on teaching dogs real-world skills, extending beyond the basics like sitting. We firmly believe that learning should be versatile and occur in diverse environments with various distractions, rather than confining it to a sterile training room. To cater to different needs, we offer three distinct and predefined Lodge & Learn courses. Our programs encompass a range of options, from basic to advanced levels. Additionally, we are pleased to provide custom Lodge & Learn programs tailored specifically to meet your dog's individual needs. Flexibility and personalized attention are key components of our services. Please call our dog trainers today for more information about one of the specific progresses or a custom package that suits your necessities.

Discover the wide array of program options listed below, and don't hesitate to explore our FAQ section for any clarifications you may need. For further information, feel free to reach out to us today at 832-930-0073! We're always here to assist you.

Puppy Training At Puptown Houston

Begin your puppy's journey on the right paw with our expert puppy training in Houston. Our exceptional puppy foundation program is specifically designed for young pups under 6 months old. Prepare to impress your family and friends as you unveil your marvelously trained puppy!

At what age can I begin training for my puppy? It is the frequent question we get from our clients. We answer is it’s not ever too early when your puppy come to this world is the day for training starts. A better breeder will start launching a routine, potty management and crate training after birth.

But a dog can’t learn to sit and heel right? Or Wrong! Our skilled trainers initiate obedience training by their own puppies at 8-week age and all is completed off leash!

Your puppy may start training with us just after they have their 2nd round vaccinations, that is frequently between 9 or 12 weeks age.

Private Lesson Dog Training in Houston

Experience personalized dog training through private lessons, either in the comfort of your home or ours! Presently, these lessons are exclusively offered as a benefit for graduates of any of our Lodge and Learn programs. We may assist you work on particular areas where we can simply control the level of disruption. Our trainers will dedicate one-on-one sessions with you, lasting for one hour, 1 to 3 times a week, based on your specific development objectives. For concerns like leash aggression, competition training, house manners, and location-specific issues (e.g., jumping on dad when he returns from work), we highly recommend opting for private lessons. Give us a call for more information!