Spider-Gwen Mask – Make a Big Impression This Halloween

Spider gwen mask This Halloween, let your little hero launch into the Marvel multiverse in this authentic Marvel Spider-Gwen costume. Complete with hood covering, light-up eyes and character sounds, this Spider gwen mask will help them jump right into the action of the Spiderverse.

Known as Spider-Woman, Ghost-Spider or simply Gwen Stacy in her own reality, she was the first female superhero to be bitten by a radioactive spider. Her reality (Earth 65) is also the first to avoid a plague caused by Peter Parker who eventually becomes The Lizard in this universe.

Your little hero will love battling crime as the wall-crawling princess from another dimension with this three-piece set. It comes with a bodysuit, gloves and mask so your hero can make a big impression this Halloween. No radioactive spider needed.Spider gwen mask