League of Legends Lecture – 3 Tips for Getting Better at League of Legends

League of Legends Lecture League of Legends is a complex game with a massive community of millions of players and the largest eSports scene on the planet. It’s also one of the most challenging games to play, and it can seem daunting for a casual player trying to get better. In this course, our instructor, NicoThePico (LoL Rank 6), will help you learn 3 of the most important aspects of the game that will allow you to improve faster.

First, learn the fundamentals. Like learning chess or volleyball, it’s important to understand the rules and basic strategies before moving onto the more advanced techniques. Without these basics in place, you’ll likely waste time and energy rehashing the same mistakes over and over again.

Second, identify and prioritize your goals. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the many options available for boosting your champion’s power, so it’s important to narrow down your objectives and choose what’s most important. This can be as simple as choosing which champion to play or as complex as deciding which items to buy and how to use them.

Third, keep your motivations in check. League can be a very time-consuming hobby, and it’s essential to acknowledge that it’s not something you should spend all your free time on. Achieving large skill growth or competing at the highest level requires a mentality that mimics the way top athletes approach their sports of choice, and it’s vital to be mindful of how much you play.롤대리