starting the journey

today is the day that defines the rest of my life. i got a room in a little motel on the edge of town for the night. from tonight i dont belong to myself. i will be a little thing to play with and leave broken. the man coming to pick me up is coming from out of town. i'm going to spend the next few hours waiting in this cheap horrible motel chained up for his enjoyment.

he told me he wanted me cuffed up naked in a cage. blindfolded, gagged and helpless. i'm going to. i spent the last bit of money i have on a cage big enough for me. if he wants me, i will be his, helpless. he can do anything and i just have to hope he'll free me soon.

he says he'll rape me, and beat me and put a shock collar on me. i'll be in his trunk and we'll go on a road trip together for a week. then he says he'll leave me in a hotel handcuffed with nothing but a pair of shorts and some cash.

i'm going to get myself ready right after i send this. i'm going to put a lush in, to make waiting for him that much more fun. i'll leave the card to the room outside on the AC. i've left everything I have in that room, my money, my clothes and the chromebook i'm using to write this.

goodbye from berwick PA. see you in a week telling you how it went. then i'll do it again.