now i'm just wearing a pair of shorts

suprise! he meant it. today i woke up blindfolded in a hotel room and spent the last hour geting out of handcuffs. was kinda fun, but also a little terrifying. i don't actually remember getting here, i must've passed out cold last night. there's been alot of stuff the past week so this will just go from the top.

the start

when he first came to the room he just looked at me for a while. i was blindfolded then, too, so i couldn't see what he was doing. touched me through the cage. looked around the room. he read the note on the table and found the control for the lush, and just turned it up to max. then he took one of my bags and left for what felt like an hour! that was terrifying. at that point i didn't know who it was, he never said anything. i was trying to get out of the cage and cuffs at that point.

then he came back, uncuffs me and gets me out of the cage. he shoved me onto the bed and put the cuffs back on, and this time behind me. he told me it was him, and that he's putting a shock cuff around my leg, and if i disobeyed him he'd use it. and then used it just to make a point.

you ever get smacked really hard? and it's like a blistering cold or hot feeling and everything is warbled where you got hit? imagine that shooting out every direction up your body, but every couple of seconds, and with your muscles cramping so hard you want to scream. that's what getting electrocuted by one of those cuffs feels like. i screamed the entire time it was on. it really fucking hurt.

i was tearing up and just struggling around on the bed, he lifted me up and started touching me all over. it was so overwhelming i just didn't move around, i didn't even really enjoy the sex- it was just happening to me. this is all exciting to think about but it's the terror i feel that really made this moment.

the rest of that night is kinda hard to remember, but there was sex. i passed out at some point because how late it got. i remember i was really thirsty. dried up like a rasin.

that morning i was hungry mess, my hands were cuffed behind him, like i was hugging him behind my back. i was naked, he was naked. i was so scared if i wake him up. so i just sat there, trying to go back to sleep. like half an hour later he wakes up and gets out from behind me and does his morning things. once he grabbed me and shoved me back into the cage. and left the room.

i thought “fuck he's going to trap me here and leave.” and i was still wearing that cuff and i swore if he was going to use it from outside the room. but he came back like 10 minutes later with food and got me back out of the cage. he took the blindfold off me and i saw him sorta smirking at me.

he looked like a few years older than me, maybe 26? 30? didn't look that bad, but with the remote for the shock thing he was scary as hell. he told me if i wanted to eat before i went into his trunk i would have to kneel and beg him. he took off my handcuffs and said if i wanted to leave i could leave now instead. if i wanted to keep going i had to cuff myself and beg him for a meal.

obviously, i was terrified of him. but this is exactly what i wanted and it was a ticket out of my home town and he seemed like the right kind of person. i put those cuffs right back on and begged. he lifted me up by my throat and held the remote for the shocker. i still begged for food. i was hungry, i was tired and desparate.

but he didn't shock me. he threw me down and told me to crawl towards the table. there was a little styrofoam take-out of some eggs and waffles and a water bottle. i sat down and he didn't let me eat until i pleaded again and oh that feeling was like sex. the food was cold and crap but it was so good. akward to eat while handcuffed but i've done it before.

in the trunk

so after that, he let me shower and do my morning things. all while cuffed on the ankles and arms, by the way. he had to help me shower and i felt like a kid, honestly worse than being shocked by the cuff. luckily that wasn't on when i was in there.

after i got out he was holding my lush, told me to spread my legs. he put it in there. dressed me in my black bikini. he put it on for me. and also some flip-flops. he put that shock cuff back, just above my ankle and told me to go outside. kneel on the concrete. wait for him to get dressed.

it must've been like 4 in the morning. it was a little cool out there. honestly i've never been out this early almost ass naked. i kneeled just under the window of our room. the concrete was so cold and it hurt to sit there. it was all rocky and dusty.

there was almost nobody in the lot, like three cars. i saw another room still had lights in the curtain. oh how i begged (in my head) for them to not come out and walk over.

after i sat down he turned on the vibrator from inside the room. so fuck me, im outside, basically naked in a hotel parking lot. everyone could see me and im squirming around like a horny idiot. i'm going to admit, i did cum from that total helplessness. i loved it.

he came out eventually. i had to waddle across the lot with him becase he parked on the other side of the hotel. we walked past every room it was so fucking emarassing. i have no idea who saw, probably no one. if you're the hotel manager and you had cameras out there, hope you liked my tits :P

he opened the trunk and in there there was a dog collar chained to some part in the trunk. he locked it on me and shut the trunk. the back seats were down, or something. i could see up through the trunk into the car, sorta. i remember he opened the door a few minutes later and put what sounded like my cage in the back seat.

the whole ride was a little boring. the lush was buzzing this entire time, it was just pitch black with the occasional street light. what really was up is that it was kinda uncomfortable back there. i didn't scream or anything, i just let the car take me along.

at some point when the sun was just rising we stopped somewhere. he left and came back with like a box that he put in the back seat. he checked on me and i wanted to pee. he drove near like some alley and he made me pee out there. first time i ever pissed in public, not exactly proud of it.

then it was back in the car. no vibe for the rest of the trip because it was dead and he took it out when we got out. at that point i fell asleep because i was so tired.

next time

this is getting pretty long and i have to figure out what to do next. i'll continue writing tomorrow, if im still around. this morning i had to get out of handcuffs which took foreverrr. if i didn't have a blindfold on i would've seen the keys are on the table in front of me. >:(

right now im in some hotel in delaware, so if you live near there, message me with what you want to do to me. i have a bit of money now, and obviously i still have some of my things. hopefully i wont end up being barely-dressed homeless runaway slave by the end of the week.

see you all tmrw

P.S. free justin hyche!